About Me

To live life in the moment, to embrace one’s own sense of beauty and sensuality: this is the heart of Joy by Carlé.

Hello! My name is Sylvia Carlé. My journey with beading and design has been the journey of revealing to myself who I truly am as a woman. In the early 1980s I discovered a (then) little known artist by the name of Frida Kahlo. I became fascinated by her art and her spirit to be who she was, with no concern what anyone else thought. Through her work, I discovered the huipil, the handwoven dress of the indigenous women of southern Mexico and Guatemala. But as I began to collect and wear huipiles, I could not find jewelry to complement them. My husband and I began to attend gem and jewelry shows, seeking the necklaces and earrings I envisioned and still could not find them. In frustration and impatience, I taught myself to bead. In spite of the extremely busy life I have lived, my beading became exciting and obsessive.

Now, after so many opportunities to sell my jewelry at different local shows, it is time to bring my vision to a wider audience. Upon  creating this website, it is my one great desire that when a woman wears one of my pieces, she feels joy and she knows, without any doubt, that she is the shining center of her universe!