• An eye level shot of the Whiskey Baltic Amber with Hill Tribe Silver Earrings hanging in front of a white background showing off the deep, rich reddish brown tones of these one of a kind oblong shaped amber beads, along with the detail of the hand hammered Hill Tribe pure silver beads.

Whiskey Baltic Amber with Hill Tribe Silver Earrings



Light moves and sways with touches of brown and red. . . Whiskey Baltic amber beads with Hill Tribe silver(.999) hand-hammered beads and nuggets, sterling silver lever back ear wires.

Length: 3.33 inches

These might look like a heavy pair of earrings, but they’re actually quite light! Amber chunks pair wonderfully with gorgeous pure, Hill Tribe Silver beads! Amber was worn through antiquity by some for its beauty and the strong belief that it improved health, while others believe that it is a psychic protector. I love it because when I place it on my neck or ears, I feel my energy move through the amber in the most wonderful way! And the best way to feel it yourself is to wear it!